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FF / Chrome Browser extensions not working on Ubuntu 18.04


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First of all: great job, I love the new version of Enpass!

Unfortunately I can't use the browser extensions for Firefox / Chrome on Ubuntu Linux 18.04. The window appearing is very small. The small blue image attached is the actual size of the Enpass browser popup.

On Mac / Windows everything is fine!

Thank you,

Screenshot from 2019-02-03 19-50-03.png

Screenshot from 2019-02-03 19-50-32.png

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Hey @dnljst ,

Sorry for the trouble you are going through.

 Would you please share the logs of Enpass app and Extension? It will be invaluable to our development team to understand and address the issue.

You can enable the logs from the app by following these steps:

  • For Enpass app:  Go to Settings > Browser > Enable logs.
  • For Extension: Go to Enpass extension's options page > Enable logs.
  • Quit the app. Even from the System Tray or Menu Bar. Open the app.
  • Restart the browser.
  • Copy the logs of Enpass app and extension and share it at support@enpass.io

Also, run lsof -i:10391 command in the terminal and share the output.

  • 10391 is the port number here.

If it shows no output (blank), please try with other port numbers between 10391 to 10395.

Thanks for your co-operation.

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