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OneDrive Sync Error (code 504035)

Frank Schaefer

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Dear all,

upon trying to sync with my existing OneDrive backup from the desktop application 6.0.4 (268), I receive the error message "Something went wrong while syncing to OneDrive. Error code: 504035". Until c. 2 days ago, this was not the case.

I already tried resetting the sync and resetting the sync including deletion of the backup on OneDrive. Does not make a difference, though, I still get the same error message.

How can I set up the sync again?

Thank you and regards,


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More concise specification of problem
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Hey @Vinod Kumar

For some time now I have had the problem that I can no longer sync with Onedrive under Windows 10.

Error code: 56 This is the only thing I get displayed. This is really stupid for me. I also need my passwords on my PC. What could have happened ? Do you know the error code ?

Even a new installation did not help.

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