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[Forwarded] Import .pkpass Files


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today I bought Cinema tickets online and received an email with the file pass1.pkpass.
I did not know what this file is used for (I have an Android phone), so I searched in the web and found a good explanation at https://fileinfo.com/extension/pkpass:


A PKPASS file is a file used by Passbook, an iOS 6 app used for saving boarding passes, coupons, loyalty cards, movie tickets, and other passes. It may contain a pass provided by a vendor (e.g., Starbucks, Delta Air Lines, etc.) or a custom user-generated pass. PKPASS files can be used to track confirmation codes, logins, balances, and other information.

If that file can contain tickets, coupons, cards, etc. then it would be useful when Enpass could handle these files.

  • in Enpass for Windows Enpass should import these files when I double click them (or select File -> Import)
  • in Enpass for Android it should be possible to ope these files with Enpass Android

So please handle .pkpass files.

Best regards


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Hello @Anshu kumar,

a colleague of mine told me that these .pkpass files can be updated remotely (push or manually by the user).
If you have a flight ticket and a boarding pass, they can be updated (like when the gate changes).

Here you get more details:

Best regard


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