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Android to iOS (and macOS)


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I recently moved from Android to iOS. I had Pro on Android but I cannot find a way to bring that over to iOS. I use macOS as well. I remember using enpass premium on macOS when I had purchased it on Android. No separate payment was needed for macOS once it was purchased on Android.

Do I need to pay $11.99 for each iOS and macOS to keep using enpass? Do I need to pay once via iTunes to get it on both iOS and macOS or can I bring over my premium account from Android to Apple platforms?


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For each platform you have to pay exactly once. There is no way to move your PRO to another platform or use one subscription on both like iOS and macOS. 

Until v6 all desktop versions were completely free and so you were using your macOS version without a payment not because of the purchase for Android. 

Now there are only some premium features in the PRO on desktops, but you are not forced to buy them like it is on mobile devices because otherwise they’d have a 20 items limit. The desktop versions are still free to use without any limitations, there are just some premium features that now costs extra. 

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