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impossible to update password in right record

Victor Chu

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just faced the problem.

i have 2 records: 

first is login type with username abc@qwe.rt and URL https://aaabbb.com/private

second is other (not login) type with username 111222333 and URL https://subdomain.aaabbb.com

i log in the second URL with the second record credentials and changed the password on the website form. Enpass safari plugin pops up but suggests only one record update - the first one, and there is no way to choose the second record to update password.

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Guest Ankur Sahu

Hello @Victor Chu,

Sorry for the problem you're facing. Unfortunately, we are not able to reproduce the issue here in our lab. 

I request you to please provide more details here in personal message or email at support@enpass.io (with a mention to this topic) 

One of possible reason could be that the change password page is on different domain (may be redirected to other domain).


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