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enpass account server?

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I know this is a stretch but I've seen several people frustrated, myself included, about the fact that there's no great way to create a shared password vault. The only option is to have a shared cloudstorage account that is meant solely for enpass (or a shared file within a webdav with softlinks etc), however this means we need an extra cloud account and several users logging in to that same account and no way to remove a specific user without changing the password for everyone.

So to my request. What if you could make a simple "server package" that would be easy enough to install on a server, nas, computer, docker or whatever and then add the option to log in to an account in enpass. The "enpass-account-server" could even be set up to log in to a cloudservice of our choosing so that the passwords wouldn't even have to be stored on the server, it would just includa a token to redirect the users id's to a shared cloudstorage that only the administorator is responsible for. 

I don't know if this is a horrible idea, there are probably better ways to do it. I just thought it would be awesome to be able to create accounts for my teams at work, home, friends or whatever.

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Sharing Enpass data used to be possible.  Syncing to G Drive was achieved by storing a 'walletx' file in an 'Enpass' folder.  This folder could be shared to other G Drive users, added to their own Drives, and then synced back down on their devices.  With the update to Enpass 6, this is no longer possible, because Enpass stores the data as App data, hidden and unshareable.  This is a huge deal to me.  I don't want to have to add my Google account to my wife's phone in order to give her access.

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