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  1. I can't give you the url since it's in our bank/booking service online and you need an account to be able to access. But what happens is that whenever we try to fill in a form on the page (which we do thousands of times per week when doing bookkeeping), enpass, i guess, is trying to intercept the input to see if it's a username/password or whatever (maybe?). Problem is that whenever it does whatever it does, the page freezes for a few moments and a popup in the top of the screen says "a script in the extension Enpass is preventing the page to load" And we can choose to deactivate it temporarily or stop the script. But it just keeps returning and the only way to prevent it is to go to the firefox extensions and dectivate enpass completely. Is there any way to get around this? Can I black-list a url from Enpass or something so it never tries to collect any form inputs from a specific url or what do I do? Regards
  2. Awesome, thst fixed it. Don't know why it suddenly stopped working, I can't remember changing these settings before but in any case it works now. Thanks!
  3. Autofillibg no longer works so I tried reactivating the autofilling settings and was met with a notice saying that the service is malfunctioning. What do I do?
  4. accounts.google.com does not work though.. Which is something I use often. But I tried login.live.com and you are right, it works for me as well. So maybe the function exists, it just doesn't work all over the place..
  5. There are several sites now that have started to implement logins where we first type the email adress and submit and then the password field pops up. I came from 1password previously which was able to remember which account I had chosen to fill in and it automatically filled in the next step as well. In enpass I have to open the enpass dialogue again and choose the account. So I have to choose the account twice to log in which is a bit of a pain, especially on a mobile device.. So this is just a request, is it possible to add this functionality/change this behaviour?
  6. david

    New imported Icon format

    Do you have a 6.1 ETA? (MacOS)
  7. Yes I have only two ("google translate" by google and "join" by joapps) but I have also tried disabling them for a few hours to see if the the issues where persistent, which they were, so I'm pretty sure it doesn't have to do with the extensions. It happens quite randomly. There are a few sites though that always work and a few sites that almost never work. The only specific one I can think of that almost never works is an internal website at my workplace which is not accessible to the public unfortunately. If you PM me I would be glad to give you details to log in and test it on your own. This suggestion was interesting. I just tried the website that "never" works in a window with no other tabs and was able to log in. So maybe it has to do with multiple tabs? I have only tried this once so I can't say for sure. Thanks
  8. I've assumed that the Vivaldi extension is the same extension as the chrome extension since chrome extensions are supposed to work in Vivaldi. If I'm wrong just correct me and read no further.. The Vivaldi extension really doesn't work well. There are too often sites where I try to auto fill but the short command doesn't work and if I right-click and try to fill out from the menu, the page simply reloads after filling out the form instead of submitting. The same extension in chrome does not have this behaviour at all so it's definitely browser specific. If I use Chrome, Firefox or even Safari, I don't get these issues, only in Vivaldi. Something wrong in Vivaldi then? Maybe but I wouldn't be able to explain it or test it. What I have done is to completely remove Vivaldi and reinstall it and disable all other extensions and I've also tried on a different computer with no change.
  9. It's not much of a "fix" but what I chose to do since the backup-files aren't visible or searchable in gdrive and that bugs me, I moved my syncing to dropbox instead. Enpass puts the files in the Apps -folder. It seems like you can choose to sync to "local folder" on your computer and choose your dropbox/Apps folder also, if you'd rather do that. On android just sync to dropbox. At least that solution seems to work for me. The google drive implementation seems redundant, sorry..
  10. It should work automatically if you choose to sync with google drive. I think the problem occurs when choosing a file path for the backup file (and navigating locally on the computer to the google drive folder) For me working with google drive syncing from desktop and android device works fine, I didn't manually choose the path though. But I agree that it would be better if we could choose our own paths rather than them being chosen for us.. And then being inaccessible for anything but enpass.
  11. I know this is a stretch but I've seen several people frustrated, myself included, about the fact that there's no great way to create a shared password vault. The only option is to have a shared cloudstorage account that is meant solely for enpass (or a shared file within a webdav with softlinks etc), however this means we need an extra cloud account and several users logging in to that same account and no way to remove a specific user without changing the password for everyone. So to my request. What if you could make a simple "server package" that would be easy enough to install on a server, nas, computer, docker or whatever and then add the option to log in to an account in enpass. The "enpass-account-server" could even be set up to log in to a cloudservice of our choosing so that the passwords wouldn't even have to be stored on the server, it would just includa a token to redirect the users id's to a shared cloudstorage that only the administorator is responsible for. I don't know if this is a horrible idea, there are probably better ways to do it. I just thought it would be awesome to be able to create accounts for my teams at work, home, friends or whatever.
  12. This is an example, I believe I've run into it once or twice before if I'm not mistaken. I have an URL https://vrv.co/ If I click the "Existing user, sign in", a login screen shows but if I try to fill it out, enpass opens the "change password" -dialog. There's no way to fill it out with the extension. I've tried three different browsers so it's not browser specific. This does work with 1password, i still have that old tool hanging =) In case you're not in the US, I think this site is US-only.. The code when I check the password field is: <input class="password-input" type="password" name="password" autocomplete="current-password"> Is it because it says "current-password" maybe? Anyway, it doesn't work on that site. Thanks
  13. np, I'm just asking if it's possible to fix, it's not a life or death situation =) It would just make enpass, which is already great, even better!
  14. I'm not sure this is correct but there are sometimes in-page-popups that are positioned by z-index in the css. So we click "login" and something like a popup, except it's not a separate page, it's more of an overlay. When trying to fill in forms/passwords on these types of situations, enpass tries to fill in something in the background but not on the actual "popup" if that makes sense. Is this possible to fix? I use synologys photo station for my pictures and this is one example where it does not work. I can right click in the username field and choose the password in enpass but nothing happens because enpass doesn't know where the form is I believe..
  15. Thanks xarkate =) That actually worked for one of my particular cases which is the one I use most frequently. I had no idea there was such a feature! You just made my day! The feature request for creating my own forms will be useful in other cases though so I still want that but this is awesome!
  16. Wait, I'm confused, is there a feature called webforms? What does it do and where do I find it?
  17. So I updated the extension but the problem persists. The extension just doesn't seem to want to fill in things correctly.. If I copy from enpass and paste in the fields, it works so there's nothing wrong with the actual content of the saved login but if I try to autofill it either doesn't do anything or it just refreshes the page and nothing happens. sometimes it looks like if tills in the fields but then the page just "bounces". I tried to make a screenrecording showing what I mean, it's really blurry but I hope you see what's happening. I try first to use the extension twice which doesn't work and then I open the main window and copy the same content and paste it an voila.. I uploaded the video to dropbox, I hope it's vieawble.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/z6c9u0h8e3h1tdb/enpassvideo.mov?dl=0
  18. Hi Anshu, sorry I didn't respond, I missed the "notify me of replies" button.. is there anyway to always have this checked? Anyway, there is no actual specific page that this happens. Usually when it doesn't work, restarting the enpass app or the browser will make it work again (most of the time).. so it's, what can I say.. glitchy? It works fine in safari but I don't use safari..
  19. Every now and then a site has more "form fields" than just username and password. For example, a site I log into several times per day has an extra field called Company, after that comes username and password. If I add a field in my template for that site, there's no way to choose a format that will actually fill in that field on the page. Checking the site, the field is called "SystemName" in the code. I was hoping to be able to add SystemName as a special template so I just purchased the "pro features" in the app store because I thought that custom templates etc would be of use in this case. but what I see I need is something like "custom form fields" or something like that. Especially for me, this is something that I come across on a daily basis in my work where I need to rely on the web browsers saved forms to fill in the rest (which I obviously can but it's difficult if I'm on my phone or if I happen to open a different browser etc..). I wish this would be added in enpass. I hope my explanation was descent.. =)
  20. 1. Shortcut key in browser only works sporadically, however global shortcut always works 2. Enpass most of the time does not ask to save logins, I have to manually add them most of the time. 3. When using password generator to press autofill, it never works. I have to manually copy the password and the login information in these cases never get saved so I have to manually add the login details in enpass. I've had these issues in the last couple of updates so it might not make a difference but here's my current setup: macOS Mojave 10.14.2 Vivaldi: 2.3.1440.41 (Stable channel) (64-bit) Enpass: 6.0.5 (306) Browser extension:
  21. I just forced my entire workplace to install enpass on their computers because I was thinking of sharing a vault with them but now I realise I can't do it in any simple way like I was planning. So just to be clear, Is a webdav service the only way to get around this issue?? I have formerly used 1password, which I left for a plethora of reasons, however it was simple enough to keep several vaults in my dropbox storage and share the ones I wanted to with others. This limitation which I had no clue about is just about to make my strife for securing my workplace passwords (that are currently being sent around through chats, emails and post-it's) much more cumbersome. Can enpass please update us on if there are any plans on making this work in a simple way? With cloud providers like google drive or dropbox? A way to choose which folder we want to put the vault in and share it with another user should be simple enough and then to have the option of choosing a certain folder in the cloud to sync with? I honestly don't understand the explanation earlier, and it doesn't really matter either since it's possible for other password managers so it can't be impossible right?
  22. When uploading a photo, pdf etc, enpass doesn't always "guess" correctly what kind of file it is. Most of my attachments have been marked as application/octet stream wether it's a pdf or jpeg, this makes it difficult to view, especially on a phone, I have to download the file first and open it with a viewer because otherwise my phone tries to open all attachments with my calendar etc.. So my request is that enpass would be better at realising what kind of files are attached. Attached are two examples.. It's quite clear that they are both pdfs. I've removed it and uploaded it several times but every time enpass just marks its an "octet stream".. I can open the pdf fine in acrobat so it's not corrupt or anything.. this happens every now and then, even with images ending with .jpeg..
  23. I just updated yesterday and then again today so it's a minor update I assume (still 6.0.3). In any case, all my 545 entries seem to have been imported perfectly for the first time ever in any manager including attachments which has never worked for me! Super happy about this! Thank you!
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