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[Roadmap] Show Warning at Insecure Entries


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I was using KeePass and now I am switching to Enpass.
I also tested 1Password and here I saw a feature that is really cool: when an entry has a weak password, then 1Password displays a huge red message box:



For Enpass I also want to see such message boxes (the list is not complete, so maybe you find more reasons for such message boxes):

  • Weak password (show a red message box)
  • Identical password (show a red message box)
  • Breached password (show a red message box)
  • Password expired (show a gray message box)
  • 2FA not set up but available (show a yellow message box), see also 

If there are multiple issues (like a weak and expired password) then you should show multiple message boxes.

Such message boxes indicate the actual status of an item and help to increase the security of the password items.

Best regards


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