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No Restore button


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I am using Enpass V6.0.5 an a Macbook running  Mojave OS. 

I have searched for a Restore option, but there appears to be none. I have followed the user manual but is no help at all.

I am backing up to a file on my Mac and to Google Drive.

I would like to put Enpass onto another Mac running the same OS

Could someone please help, how to get a restore button!


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Hey @Ace4Cars ,

I would like to share that unlike Enpass v5 there is no Restore option in the Enpass v6 settings. It was left intentionally because of many conflicting situations in multiple vault scenario.In v6 'Restore' option appears only in two scenarios:

  • When the app is newly/freshly installed.
  • Creating a new vault. (The app is already installed and contains database).

Please follow these steps mention in our user manual to restore Enpass database on your other device.

Hope this helps!

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