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How to edit the grey password “popup” in iOS?

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In iOS, I can “connect” app passwords with Enpass - it feels like I “program” that little greyish password popup: when needing to enter a password for an app, I do not tap on the center password entry, but on the black key symbol  on the right hand side . Once Enpass is open, I can search for the proper entry, and when clicking on that, a popup appears, that lets me choose, whether I want to “add/connect” that entry for always or just autofill  the password once.

with one app, I now get provided with three entries, one is called “saved on 01.01.01”. It is a “connected” Enpass-entry containing an app password, but since I forgot  to create a username for that Enpass-entry, I always  get asked for that strange 01.01.01 entry. Once I give that Enpass entry a username, I can also “coonect”  that updated entry to this password-protected app, but now I am presented with two options in that gray passport popup: 01.01.01 and the updated one with the username.  Even if I delete that password entry in Enpass,  that gray password popup  will keep those two entries. 

So: how do I get rid of the old and wrong entries in that gray pop up? I found no way to edit or delete any of these entries.

I am sorry for that bad description of the problem, but I just don’t know, how to describe it properly...

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