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How to edit the grey password “popup” in iOS?

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In iOS, I can “connect” app passwords with Enpass - it feels like I “program” that little greyish password popup: when needing to enter a password for an app, I do not tap on the center password entry, but on the black key symbol  on the right hand side . Once Enpass is open, I can search for the proper entry, and when clicking on that, a popup appears, that lets me choose, whether I want to “add/connect” that entry for always or just autofill  the password once.

with one app, I now get provided with three entries, one is called “saved on 01.01.01”. It is a “connected” Enpass-entry containing an app password, but since I forgot  to create a username for that Enpass-entry, I always  get asked for that strange 01.01.01 entry. Once I give that Enpass entry a username, I can also “coonect”  that updated entry to this password-protected app, but now I am presented with two options in that gray passport popup: 01.01.01 and the updated one with the username.  Even if I delete that password entry in Enpass,  that gray password popup  will keep those two entries. 

So: how do I get rid of the old and wrong entries in that gray pop up? I found no way to edit or delete any of these entries.

I am sorry for that bad description of the problem, but I just don’t know, how to describe it properly...

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Hey @dvdr,

Thanks for writing in.

Sorry to say currently there is no option to delete or edit the entries from credentials list. However, this is already in our roadmap and will be available with the subsequent update.

Thanks for your co-operation.

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