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Some UI Quirks


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Dear Enpass team,

Currently I'm evaluating Enpass quite intensely because I'm considering switching from another password manager to Enpass. I like Enpass a lot, especially because it’s easy to use, multi-platform and it offers great synchronisation features. However, while playing with the iOS version (6.0.4) on my iPhone 5 (iOS 10.3.3) for some days now, I came across a few quirks in the GUI I wanted to inform you about.

Please see my issue descriptions below. It would certainly be great if you could fix these during one of the next updates of the app.

Thank you, kind regards,


On the Advanced page of the settings the label beneath the “Check for alerts” option is not displayed properly and its text is not readable.



On the Sync page of the settings the time stamp of the last synchronisation is not shown.



On the Check If Pwned page after pressing Continue the result is displayed half way above the Done button.



Sometimes the navigation elements of the Check If Pwned page and the login/password item at the top of the screen get messed up if you do some pwned checks in a row.




If you go to the Security settings page and then choose “Change Master Password” the Continue button stays greyed out and inactive if you paste the password into the input field. You can continue by pressing the Done button on the keyboard though.


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