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referencing to this topic:


I am using Enpass more than manage passwords.

With the new version, which offers sections, I also add a section with "personal data".

In that section I am adding the personal info I added to the online account for the specific login,


Example #1:


[ section: Login]

login/url: amazon.com

email: PeterParker@icloiud.com

pw: ***

[ section: Personal Data]

Name: Peter Parker

line numbe: +1 12345 6789

mobile number: +1 098734 23423

[ section: accounting]

IBAN: AT 00000100007


Example #2:


[ section: Login]

login/url: amazon.com

email: hello@company.com

pw: ***

[ section: Personal Data]

company name: My Company

line numbe: +1 12345 6789

VAT ID: AT123456789

[ section: accounting]

credit card: 123 456 789 0


Collecting this info in Enpass I know every time where I have to go if something change.


My feature request:


Offer a special window to manage "base data".

Within in login items there should be a possibility to simply tick the used data.







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