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Enpass leaving behind QtPulseSamples sources in pulse audio


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since version 6 (I guess), enpass plays a little sound when logging in. My audio server is Pulse Audio, and playing the sound creates an entry in "pavucontrol" (Playback), which is always "QtPulseAudio:XXXX: QtPulseSample-XXXX-YYYYYYYYY" where XXXX is the PID of the enpass process, and YYYYYYYYYY some random number.

Problem is, after the sound has played, these stay there, and pile up after logging in several times. I suspect the application does not close the stream properly when it is finished, that's why it stays there.

I'd appreciate if this could be fixed, and the entry removed after playing. Thank you!

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I'm also experiencing this. It appears that disabling "Play an unlock sound" in the "Customize" control panel does effectively prevent this from occurring, but it of course means that no sound is played. I'm going to suffer the mild annoyance of not having an unlock sound to solve the major annoyance of having approximately a dozen orphaned sound sources in `pavucontrol` because their presence makes it really annoying to manage the sound controls I actually need for other apps.

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I don't think you're even aware of this but on longlived instances I end up closing enpass and relaunching it after a few days because these little snick sounds end up making it so I can't manage sound properly..


i think you're using this api?



I think you need to destroy the qsound object after querying 'isfinished'

or change to using qsoundeffect

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