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Issues with deadkeys keyboard layout with hidden fields

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I'm running Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4 with Enpass 6.0.6 (326)

I also run Enpass on Android and Windows (Desktop) but I don't have the issue on those platforms.


I'm french, and using the keyboard layout called `US International with dead keys`. Since i'm french I'm using accent like `é` and `è`.

In order to make a `é` I first need to type `'` then 'e'. It works well in Enpass on regular fields. However, it doesn't work on hidden fields.

When I try to type `é` it will input a `e`.

I tried to reset my local vault, where I can switch from a hidden to a visible input (and check that my `é` is now a `e`).

Obvisouly, my main issue is that my master password contains some characters among `é è à etc...`, this means I can't type my master password. I'm forced to write it somewhere unsafe, cut it and paste it into Enpass. Then it works. But it's not cool having to write my master password in a visible app, and storing it in my clipboard.




Not related : Your password security policy is not the same between your app and your forum registration. A password considered weak in the application is considered strong in the forum registration process. Fun fact :)

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Hey @Neivaalf

Thanks for reporting this issue.

Enpass 6 use QML framework for UI and this issue is in the framework itself and we have already reported the same to their dev team. Once it will be fixed upstream, we will implement the fix in Enpass too.

Till then please co-operate with us.

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