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[Forwarded] Export Password Vault and Settings

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At work our administrators have restricted the access to all cloud storage sites (like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many others). 
So I can no longer sync my password vault at work (so Enpass is unusable for me now). 

So please offer a feature in Enpass that exports (packs) the password vault to a ZIP file. 
Then I can send this ZIP file via email to work (also USB-devices are blocked). 
At work I can import the password vault in Enpass (so you also should offer an import-feature). 

You should also offer the same feature for the settings. 
So I can export the settings from my PC and import them at work and also at my Surface Go (so I have the same settings at 3 computers without having to manually adjust them on every device separate).  

Best regards 


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Hello @Vikram Dabas,

i have some enhancement for this suggestion:

  • after the Vault was exported (packed to ZIP) open the folder where the ZIP file is stored, so I can drag it in an new email
  • add an option to protect the ZIP with the password that is used for the vault (this option is checked by default, but users can un-check it)

Best regards


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