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data organization question

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I own several software licenses from one company
I create an licenses entry with all the information for each product (web site, download site, support site, etc.; the urls are mostly identical or similar)
I have also a login entry for the company

If I want to log in to the website, all entries (all licenses and the login entry) are displayed in the assistant.
I would like to see that only the login entry is displayed!
I have the same problem with bank accounts (one bank with several accounts)

Currently I'm changing the field type from URL to TEXT, but I'm not very happy with this method.
Does someone have a better solution?

A flag or a tag "no auto-fill" would be nice.

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Use the software licence template to keep the individual product details but do not fill in the log in section, using a log in template create a separate entry just for the log in details.

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Hello Dentonthebear,

thanks for the reply!
Unfortunately it does not work that way or I do not understand you correctly.

For example
Adobe is my login with all login information (site, user and password)
Adobe Acrobat XI Standard is the License (only with the company's website)






If I want to log in to Adobe with autofill, both entries are displayed (because of the website in the license entry)









Of course, when I change the field type of Website from URL to Text it works as desired.
I think I have to live with it :)

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