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disable automatic connection

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for some sites, since autofill is impossible I would like to disable the automatic connection feature. For some entries I found a checkbox to that purpose but for some others, there is no such checkbox. How should I do to disable automatic connections for specified entries ?

Best regards,

- Guillaume

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Hi @guizop,

Thanks for writing in.

I would like to share that the option "Autosubmit Login" is only visible if the particular items have these three fields:

  • Username/Email
  • Password
  • URL

So please check and try again.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you for your answer Anshu

actually there is no password since this is a digital 0-9 keyboard used for password for a bank account.

nevertheless in such case I would not expect Enpass to attempt autologin in any case :-)

I made the checkbox appear. it was unchecked and yet enpass attempts autofill. I thought "automated connection" would not attempt autofill. Was I wrong ?

Thank you for your help.

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