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Two click to launch Enpass from Taskbar - Why?


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I have the latest version of Enpass from Microsoft Store installed on my laptop. I have pinned the shortcut to my Taskbar.

When i click once i just see a white blank window pop up briefly and Enpass never launch. When i click a second time on the icon on the Taskbar Enpass do launch. All subsequent launches do only require one (1) click on the icon on the Taskbar until i reboot the computer. This does never happen with the desktop non-Microsoft Store version i have installed on my desktop computer.

I can reproduce this issue on both computers with the Microsoft Store version.

To reproduce:

  1. Install Enpass from Microsoft Store.
  2. Pin the shortcut to Enpass to the Taskbar in Windows.
  3. Re-boot the computer
  4. Click on the Enpass icon on the Taskbar once.

The first click won´t launch Enpass.

Why is this issue not fixed yet?

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