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Sync changes only functions at first-sync from webdav

Kai Bausch

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I've Enpass installed on IOS( iPhone 6s ,ipad pro, iPad air, iPhone 5s) ,Mac OSX El Capitan, Windows 10 Desktop syncing changes up to Webdav works every time.

The changes Comes to the other devices only by deleteing the sync-connection and reconfigure sync. Than all new changes are on the device.

The "last sync " differs from the "Last try" after many times of tipping to "sync" .

I've tested this with OneDrive, Livedrive,Owncloud and the Problem is allways the same. Getting chnges from webdav doesn't work at Version 5.05 !

I'm an IT-Professional and be sure that this is an Bug of the Software and not  my incompetence !

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Hello Kai Bausch,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please check if system date and time are correct on all of your devices because significant time difference may lead to sync issues.

When you tap Sync Now Enpass checks for any changes on the cloud or local database, if needed Enpass starts the sync operation and after successful sync, last sync time gets updated. If there is no need to sync i.e. no change on local or cloud server, only last attempt time will be updated.

Due to time issues Enpass fails to check if database on server contained any new changes which need to be download.

Hope this helps:).

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