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Problem after update Enpass


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After an update of Enpass on my mobile phone I get the notice that I have to upgrade to Premium because I have reached the maximum of 20 passwords. Unfortunately I already upgraded about a year ago and I have lost a lot of passwords. I hope this gets fixed soon!

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Hi @Srt We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. To restore the Pro version, please make sure you have downloaded the Enpass app with the same Google Account with which you purchased it earlier. Also, in case if you are using multiple Google account then please follow these steps:

  • Remove all Google accounts (temporarily) except the one from which you had purchased Enpass from your device.
  • Take the backup of Enpass data.
  • Uninstall the Enpass app.
  • Now install the Enpass app Pro version will be restored.
  • Restore your database.

If the issue persists, then share the Enpass purchase receipt at support@enpass.io.

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Hi Pratyush/Enpass team,

I am having the same issues as mentioned above:( and was quite shocked to see so many passwords missing!
My Samsung Galaxy S9 is getting the same error:( and i only see 20 passwords.

Fortunately I DID see my whole database on my Chromebook installed version and made an immediate, local backup of my passwords database.

After opening Enpass on my android phone is see in red a message on top of my app saying:
Maximum of 20 items reached for this trail version. Upgrade now to Pro. 

When activating  this i will see message: 
Wrong: You already purchased this item.
Enpass Error while purchasing Enapss Response code 7

I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it but getting the same error.

I only use 1 google account on my phone (and always have had just 1 google account) and have this phone over 9 months now without any issues.
I have the latest version of the app - Did something go wrong with the latest update?

How can i restore my license and work properly again?

Thanks, Fabian

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I had this issue too, probably something with play store or play services. Had to clear data for play store to solve it. 

Surely the database itself isn't truncated just because it you're back to eval, it's just the view on the mobile devices that's being limited. 


So you can always view it on a desktop 

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