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Enpass don´t start after installing

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my name is sponk and after searching a longer time for a password manager which is able to use my owncloud i came to enpass.

I installed it on my windows 10 desktop and laptop - it works well.

Now i wanted it to install on my linux mint 18.2  64 bit desktop too. I followed the website  "...enpass.io/support/how-to-install-enpass-on-linux" and i thaught that everything was allright.

After exit the terminal, i tried to start enpass setup, but nothing happend after doubleklick on the icon.

I restarted the system, I deinstalled enpass an installed a second time with the same result.

What´s going wrong? What can I do? Please help me.


sponk from austria

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Thanks for your help,

i filled in the command from the launcher "opt/enpass/Enpass %U" in the terminal.

The result was the message: 
"/opt/enpass/Enpass: error while loading shared libraries: libcurl.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

I dont´t know what to do now.
Pleas help me.


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