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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for being active and your feedback. We have accounted this issue to be fixed in future releases. This is what I should say very unusual behavior as Enpass works very well with Chrome Browser. We highly recommend that browser verification must be enabled for supported browsers to validate their code signatures. One of the possible cause could be some firewall or antivirus is there and preventing the communication between Enpass and Enpass Browser Extension, as a result you are getting "Enpass Conneciton Error". I suggest you to check your antivirus/firewall settings if they are blocking localhost address Please let us know, if problem still persist. Autofill through Enpass Browser extension works by manually selecting the item with which you want to autofill as this gives better control if you have multiple items there (and you can peep into there details). However we will keep on improving that. Cheers!
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