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  1. Hi @MRE, Thanks for being an awesome customer of Enpass. We are doing our best to add as many features as we can but only after being sure about security of user's data i.e. No leaks and no backdoors are left for any bad guy to get access to your data. Now lets come to the point why we haven't added full-time Windows Hello support yet. To unlock the Enpass keychain, we need master password and thats why you are always prompted to enter that, once the Enpass is exited or killed by OS. So our main fight is to store the master password with the OS in such a way that we can request it anytime after successful authentication of user. Here comes Microsoft Windows Hello into play. It uses TPM hardware (a secure cryptoprocessor) to securely generate and store encryption keys (this is exactly what we need to encrypt our master password). But the keys generated in TPM are asymmetric and for digital signatures, suitable for server/website logins and are not directly suitable for our purpose. The best thing about TPM keys is that they are exposed to requesting App only after successful authorization aided by biometrics. We are done with the development part and now doing the security assessment to be sure about protection of keys and understanding behavior of windows systems which don’t have a TPM hardware and use software emulation instead. So just bear with us and hopefully we will release it very soon.
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