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    I'm also exploring Enpass, based upon AA review and price increase of LastPass. Have been unable to successfully do the export/import, so will probably have similar issues with the form fill and other saved documents. Have filed a ticket with Enpass, and thought I'd also try the forum. Right now just trying on computer (W10) before going to Android phone and tablet. My LastPass goes through April, so have some time to figure it out ...
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    Feature request: Auto-copy TOTP code With any site/login in Enpass that contains a stored TOTP seed, auto-copy the TOTP code after user/password has been auto-filled, so that it's ready to be pasted when the next field, a TOTP field, is very likely going to be requested. This is something a couple other password managers do and it's a nice time saving feature.
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    Import was a bit of a mess for me. As far as I can tell, there is no form fill function to enpass. Import did not copy the names the right way (they are all no Title and have a field called Name that is what it used to be called.) Notes and passwords are all put in the import folder. I wanted to scream when I saw everything was unnamed. I'm hoping to find a back-end to the sql database so I can fix some of this stuff.
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