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    Since yesterday update to latest Mojave Version (10.14.1 Beta (18B67a)), Enpass Vers. 220 does not start. It starts, showing a white square and hangs after this. Processor ressources start increasing heavily. So, it's not longer usable...
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    Thank you, Anshu. The new installation has helped. Everything works fine now.
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    Interesting, some of us Windows users think that the UI imports too much from the mobile versions, and hence doesn't fit well with Windows UI idioms, expectations or usability (e.g. slideout panels from than popup dialogs for editing, and I still can't get used to when to go for the horizontal line menu versus the cog menu...) Matthew
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    Hi, is there any news you can share on this? It's one of the last real blocker for me before I can try out the beta versions on Windows, Android and iOs.
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