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    When I scroll through the list of entries and select one, occasionally the entry gets deselected and the list scrolls back on its own.
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    @Anshu kumar I updated Enpass to the newest version 6.0.0 (198) and everything is working now! Thanks!
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    I feel this is extremely important, especially based on your industry. You need to show us, your users that trust you, that this trust is not misplaced. Now, I think it's been long enough that you have not had this done, and it needs to be done. I feel that most of this stuff you mentioned above has been implemented. You have also previously stated that security is #1. So then, can we please get a serious answer about this? Are you doing an audit? Who is doing it? When is it starting? When do you expect the results?
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    As 1Password has changed their licensing policies I'm looking elsewhere for a more affordable solution and came across Enpass, as well as LastPass and DashLane. With 1Password numerous 3rd party audits are available on the internet, and also with DashLane I could find a pretty interesting 3rd party audit alas for an older version. For LastPass it was more difficult fo find such audits (although I did find several mentions of vulnerabilities) but I discovered hackergroups discussed the security of LastPass and appear to feel safe with it - that's a good second best for a security audit. So I started looking for a 3rd party audit onto Enpass and stumbled upon this discussion and got surprised about the reluctance of Enpass to have the 5 version audited. In my opinion it's just ridiculous to postpone an audit because of a new version is going to be launched. Why not having version 5 audited? Isn't it secure enough to be audited? I actually don't care about the last version of your software being audited. Audits are about gaining trust. I would be very interested to read 3rd party audits for any older version even though you might have several vulnerabilities in those fixed already. Each and every audit tells something about you, the company writing the software. If you are really serious about getting a 3rd party audit involved then do so immediately, with the current version of the software. Right now this discussion reads like a joke. I cannot take Enpass as a serious alternative to 1Password. I'd rather pay the hefty fees for 1Password.
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    I am concerned about this issue too! And gonna switch to another solution. I'll switch back to Enpass and pay a license the day you publish an audit result.
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    I'm just starting out with Enpass and I love it! But i just would like to note that I'm also very concerned with this issue! I can only fully trust my personal data to Enpass and recommend it to others if it's Open Source and / or Audited by a qualified and trusted external organisation.
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    Created an account to say that I'm glad I've held out paying for Enpass mobile for so long. I've used it on my desktop, synced to my encrypted drive, and while I do generally trust that the developers have good intentions in terms of security, I can't put my trust in a company that's been promising a security audit for so long (as well as the next version of Enpass for even longer!) Switching for now. Good luck Enpass team!
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    Really would appreciate a security audit as well. I cannot recommend enpass to friend/family until this occurs.
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    Well, today is January 22, 2018, it's been a year since you promised a third party audit. Where is Enpass 6? I hope we can see the progress of your work as this is a top concern for our users. It relates to whether we can trust enpass or not.
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    Hey guys, i am using enpass for a long time, even bought it because it was that good, and i would love to buy it for my family too just to support you guys. But the thing is that now i am getting worried, it has been a long time since this thread opened and since you said that you will take the security audit, because to me it seems like you are stalling it. With security problems that multiple password managers are having, i would like to see that audit done ASAP or sadly i might switch platform, a thing i would not like to do but feel like doing if necessary. You are keeping a lot of customers away only for the audit. Thanks.
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    +1 I really want to use Enpass, but the fact of it being closed source without a security audit is a dealbreaker for me.
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    +1 It's funny to hear that ensuring that your cryptographic product is in fact secure is not worth the effort. Other apps come to mind: Signal, Telegram, Veracrypt. All cross-platform, all frequently updated, all audited. Oh, and they're all free.
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    Sorry but these are just poor excuses for not having fingerprint recognition on Windows and, without meaning to be rude, I want to hear from the developer on this, not you.
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