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    I had a very strange problem happen today. I noticed that Enpass was no longer syncing with OneDrive. When I told it to sync, it seemed to connect to OneDrive OK, but then said the (master) password on the file was incorrect. This was a bit strange because I had not changed the password on the file. I checked the Enpass client on several PCs plus my mobile device and they all had the same issue. However the local copies of Enpass still allowed me to get in with the same master password that I have always used and that should have been on the file up on OneDrive. I tried manually entering the master password so that it would start syncing again and it still said the password was wrong. When I clicked on the Help button, it said the password had been set about two years ago on one of my PCs (a PC that I recognized). In other words I don't think the file was "hacked" and the password changed otherwise the last time the password changed would have been more recent. Additionally I use a unique password with my Microsoft Account and also use 2 factor authentication, so its very unlikely that my Microsoft account got hacked and my Enpass file somehow compromised. I ended up resolving the issue by disconnecting the OneDrive sync, deleting the Enpass file on OneDrive, and then telling it to sync back to OneDrive. Any idea what was going on here? Why would it all of sudden think that the password on the file on OneDrive was bad?
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    Hey @Rojma Thanks for sharing the details. I have forwarded this issue to the QA team to look into this. Thanks for the co-operation.
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    Ah, thanks. Didn't recognize this. Coming from 1Password (and other Applications like Alfred) it'd prefer having the extension on a fixed position. May I request this feature?
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    @Rojma I am sorry for the trouble and the late replies. I regret answering this too late. Could you please follow the below steps to check if the issue fixes: Please disconnect the sync on all the devices that are syncing with the One Drive account. If you already have all the data on the device(s), proceed to the next step. Login to OneDrive on a browser and rename the file inside Enpass folder to old_vaultxxx.sync. Re-connect the sync on all devices with the same One Drive account and check if the issue fixes.
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