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    Morning - OK fixed it -again- and -again- I don't really understand how or why or what happened but I'll describe it: I had regolith-desktop (love it!) installed on my system but not being used (not since I got a triple monitor setup). about two months ago I did something that messed with my lightdm settings (IIRC I played with some VM's) ==> instead of booting straight into the xubuntu desktop my system started booting into regolith since then I've just done the extra step of <ctl-alt-f1 ... startx > :: since then I noticed that several of my start-on-boot/login programs were erratic but it's not been a reliably reproducible thing and I didn't notice a pattern this morning I un-installed regolith and lo & behold a bunch of my usual automatic start-on-boot came back to life (power cycled 4 or 5 times today) ... eg linux key manager login // symless synergy (was always working but didn't show the usual app window on launch) // raspberry imager // conky and including Enpass! fingers crossed that the repair sticks - but at the moment I feel about as coherent as someone reading tea-leaves bones to predict the crop harvest. If anyone has any ideas for conflicts/ incompatibilities I should look for or any other diagnostic info I could get then I'd be pleased to try and investigate further in case it helps ID something else for someone else. bw ygis
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    Sry for taking this Thread out of the Dust but better then opening this Theme over and over again. Having the same prob. Also thought in the beginning Enpass will fill the User/Password Fields itself but u need to open up the browser extension to see the linked website informations for login and with a click to fill them... For me also, this is not user friendly. I like Enpass but autofilling Browser and Desktop is something i am really missing and whatmade me using a different password manager for now. If Enpass would implement these features i would like to use it again but tbh so many users in here asking for a long time now for this feature(s) and STILL nothing happening. Bit a shame
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    Hey @Clander Thanks for writing back. As you have mentioned that you have restored third vault of Enpass on other devices except Linux. In that case, please follow the below steps to restore the same vault of Enpass on Linux by using the following steps- Take the backup of same vault of Enpass data from your windows desktop using these steps. Open Enpass > Click on 'Settings' > Click on 'Vaults' and select the third vault > Click on 'Backup now' given at the bottom > Select the location and save it. Now login to your Dropbox cloud account on your windows desktop and upload the backup folder in the Enpass app folder. Now login to your cloud account on your Linux device, download the same backup folder data and save it locally. Open Enpass on your Linux--> Settings --> Vaults --> Create a new vault by clicking on '+' > Restore the data from the backup file saved locally. Hope this helps.
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