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    Hi @Garima Singh, Thank you for your response. Fortunately, the latest update fixed the issue.
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    Ok thanks. Working with keyboard shortcut i dont like this. Roboform or Bitwarden fill every field without keyboard shortcut too. I hope Enpass can do this too in the Future,
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    I would also really love this feature. Steam has to be one of my most annoying 2FA accounts.
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    minor correction, folder "Trashed" & "Archived" should rename to "Trash" & "Archive" just like all other apps.
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    Hey @Garima Singh I just want to let you know that I resolved my issue by simply copying over all the relevant files from the other Linux host. Although I'm not any longer affected, probably someone should investigate the backup restore issue. Thanks for your help. Cheers
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    Tried again, and now it should be in your inbox on this forum
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