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    Hello and sorry, that i could not reply earlier. After deleting Enpass on my MacBook Pro and new download from the App Store and making a new installation this message does not appear any longer. This is only for information reasons. Thanks
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    Hello Mr. Sharma, Thank you for the steps. I have done the steps as you said. After that I was able to get my data back and now it works. What I have discovered is that the app wasn't connected with the pro account. So I have done that also. To be sure the app will work just as I wanted, I have deleted the app, installed, put back the data via iCloud. Everything is now working perfectly again. Still happy with Enpass and planning to use it for a long time. You can close the ticket. Thank you, have a great weekend. With kind regards, Leon Admiraal
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    Thanks, works fine, avoids me to have to pay for dropbox as I went over the maximum number of equipment connected to dropbox.
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