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  1. well it better be, that's what was promised after all. while I can understand that, the first reveal should NOT have come from a semi-random german tech blog, but rather be announced in advance, while the entirety of this should have been explained in detail instead of just stealthing this in, it's not just the facts themselves that make you look bad, but in my opinion at least the way the facts were presented as well, there was no indication on the forum, no blogpost, no official sources at all, only screenshots from the app. okay that's nice to know although obviously you know how this sounds considering the previous statements regarding pro, also at least on the forum there's one commenter who stated that he has the new one and still got asked. also considering that recurring costs are the reasoning for the new paywall for old users, who says this wont change next year, especially since it's just a bit over a year since the subscription happened and the promises were made. --- while I can understand the move from a financial perspective, the only thing enpass has to get and keep users is reputation and trust built on that, as the thing is not only paid but also not open source which obviously means that people cannot be certain of ANYTHING really on enpass and going around past promises in a semi-stealth manner is definitely not helping with that.
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  2. Please clarify the issue and your future plans to handle lifetime pro users ASAP. Thanks @chase to bring this to the community’s attention.
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  3. Is that true that you try to monitize again Lifetime Pro User? I'm really happy with Enpass the tool is just great! Butt with passwords trust also plays a very important role. You worte: Will the existing Enpass Pro users be charged again? No, never! The Pro users on any platform will not be charged again and will never be forced to subscribe. Would complimentary subscription users not get future updates? All Enpass Pro users will continue to receive future app updates and new Pro features that we’ll release over time – for lifetime, on all platforms. https://www.enpass.io/blog/general/how-will-our-subscription-model-affect-existing-users/ Your media in Germany is currently very bad and I'm sure if you relase a lot of users will move to an other tool. I will also go. https://stadt-bremerhaven.de/enpass-passwort-manager-moechte-pro-nutzer-zur-kasse-bitten/
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