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  1. Hi all, Thank you for your patience. I discussed with the team about the issue and would like to throw some light upon why we are not able to fix the issue. Why this permission To let user use iCloud sync feature in non-store App and multiple iCloud accounts, we use CloudKit Webservices APIs CloudKit Web Services Reference: About CloudKit Web Services (apple.com). It includes following authorization & permission grant flow: When user want to connect with his iCloud storage, Enpass will launch a browser to sign-in his apple account and grant permission to use iCloud CloudKit APIs. We need email of user to avoid multiple account conflict in Enpass and inform user which Apple/iCloud id they are syncing their data and the "Look me up by email" is our only option. So, authorization include a page to explicitly grant "Look me up by email". If you deny this at this point, Enpass will not show your account information in Enpass app. Also, your app will not appear in "Look me up by email" list. Please note that, in any case your iCloud access token or any data never reaches or linked with our server. All above mentioned process are restricted between locally installed Enpass app and your iCloud account. Fixing Privacy concerns Apple keeps track of Apps for whom you have provided "Look me up by email" access during authorization. You can see these in macOS settings or iCloud web interface. If you have privacy concerns, you can disable "Look me up by email", simply by unchecking Enpass app from there and Enpass will not be able to use this feature. Technically, now Enpass can’t not look you by email and from privacy point of view it is solved. UI issue Now the only question remains, why it is even listed "Look me up by email" list even when unchecked? It’s a UI/cleanup issue rather than privacy issue. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide a way for users to remove App from that list or unlink App completely. Removing permissions, unlinking apps is something that is always in control of provider not apps. So, this is something that is not fixable from our side.
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