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  1. PC syncs to \Apps\Enpass\Vaults\primary\ (here resides the vault.enpassdb). iPad/iPhone syncs to \Apps\Enpass only. I can't get the two systems to use the same folder/database and I can't find any setting to set the folder on Dropbox for sync. I deinstalled already Enpass and its data and reinstalled on PC as well as iphone/iPad - now way. ------------------ I have removed the sync to Dropbox on all devices as advised and renamed the file Vault.enpassdbsync. Then I tried to activate the Dropbox sync on PC again. In Dropbox I allowed access for the Enpass app. Dropbox redirected me now to a NEW Enpass sign-on (the "old" Enpass window is still active). When I enter my password Enpass responds with "master password not valid". I have definitely entered the correct password. What can I do now?
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