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  1. Searching for my email address takes MORE THAN 15 seconds!!!!!!!!!!! I never saw such slow searching! Database contains 1836 records Completely UNUSABLE in Mac Mac - Core i9 MacBook Pro 16" with NO FREEZEs in other apps
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  2. Same thing here (since day one..), currently 6.6.3 (840) MAS running on macOS 11.4 (had this issue with previous versions on Catalina as well) - Sync via Webdav seems to cause extreme lagging when updating/editing and copying entries as syncing seems to "block" the app - VERY slow search in the Main Window - VERY slow search in any Browser Extension - Browser-Extension-Window often needs to be closed and re-opened in order to show matching elements Total number of vaults: 1 Enabled to show all counts for the sidebar: No
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