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    Previous password vaults were useful to me until they started to charge a monthly fee to use their product. This is particularly unfair to small users, we are not huge companies with hundreds of passwords to keep track so the monthly fee is not justified. Are you charging a monthly fee? Will you charge a monthly fee in the future? If no, I am ready to buy your app.
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    Hey @John Doe, Please change the Mac system's theme to dark mode to view Enpass in dark theme on MacOS. Thanks.
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    Hey @John Doe, Thanks for your interest in Enpass. You can find keyboard shortcuts on the main Enpass window for item related operations by clicking ''More'' (vertical ellipsis) option on a selected item. Promotional offers are available only during a certain time; presently there are no offers/discount on app purchase. Enpass can be downloaded from Play store on Chromebook. You can use the app for free, however, there are premium features available as In-App purchases. Thanks.
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    Pratyush, Thanks So Much. That worked. shep71
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    From the linked text/explanation: I find the explanation reasonable and the privacy/security-first design sufficient. Insinuating that if Enpass sends an anonymous POST query of an entry domain (for the purpose of requesting an associated favicon) then it naturally follows that Enpass might send entry credential info...is ludicrous.
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