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  1. Hi @Pratyush Sharma


    For testing I'm only using my android phone. I disabled all other devices. It's a android 10 device with Enpass

    The password vault was initially created on Debian Linux, Enpass version 6.4.1 (643) 

    In general I'm use the latest Linux and osx version of Enpass.

    I don't get an error code only the option to solve the issue. In English it would be something like: " Synchronisation error. The password for the data on WebDAV is required" Then Enpass asker's me for my password but does not accept that password. 








  2. Hello everyone,

    I have a problem with my Nextcloud 19 WebDAV synchronisation. I use the latest Android and Linux version of Enpass with password and key file. After less then one day the sync is broken and Enpass claims that the password for the WebDAV data is required. 

    I already disconnected all devices, deleted the file on the Nextcloud Server and even exported everything to a csv file and created a new password vault. Unfortunately with the same result. After a few hours the sync is broken again.

    Is that a bug or a known problem with the latest Nextcloud version?

    Thanks in advance




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