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  1. Issue still present even with last updated versions for windows, macos and ios today.
  2. Same issue here. Tags dissappeared. after Updating Tags on Enpass 6.9.1 (1515) Download Version on imac 24" m1 with MacOS 14.1 these updates will not be synced with iPhone iOS 17.1 Enpass 6.9.3 (776). Also on my Windows 10 22H2 Machine with Enpass 6.9.1 (1515) these tags are now out of sync. Sync is done via OneDrive Enpass Sync. Hopefully this issue fixed soon. Currently its hard to work with Enpass when tags get removed from entries. Also when changing Tags on an entry, the modification time of the entry gets not updated. Is this also a bug or a feature?
  3. We are now in May 2023. A new release and still not fixed. Is it so hard to fix that? It is hard to work when you have to resize everything on each start to read everything.
  4. thank you. looks like microsoft has fixed onedrive issues for my account. since about 1 hour my onedrive and enpass is working as expected.
  5. seems an onedrive issue. a lot of issues also with onedrive in webbrowser an lokal client on sync
  6. since today i get sync issues with onedrive. error 1204503 on imac m1 with latest enpass desktop version. reconnecting to onedrive does not fix problems. sync errors also on ios device 16.2 with latest enpass version. error here also 1204503
  7. had the same issue. but in my case i see now new modification date on the records. imac m1 and macbook pro m1 with latest monterey and enpass stable release from website and iphone 12 with latest ios 16 release and enpass stable release. changed some passwords on imac in early october. startet macbook this week and password was switched back on all devices to the password before. after that i closed enpass on all devices. deleted the file in onedrive. recovered correct db from a backup on imac m1. passwords seems to be ok. after starting enpass on macbook m1 again. password gets again set back. so i did the samething again but deleted all data on all devices except on imac m1. deleted onedrive file. made recovery and everything works no again. this was the first time i had this issue. so in future i will check everytime on all devices after creating new records or updating existing records
  8. Hi, when i completely close Enpass the width of the first two columns in Enpass gets reset to default width. This was not an issue in Enpass 6.8.2. Issue starts with Enpass 6.8.3 MacOS Monterey 12.6 on m1 imac and also m1 macbook pro 13 Uninstallation and reinstallation did not fix the issue: Columns were set to width: after quiting Enpass width of the first two colums gets reset to: So please fix this issue as soon as possible. Same Issue on Windows Version 6.8.3 with Windows 10 21H2 Enterprise. Best Regards, MOM20xx
  9. after updating to 6.8.2 there are still components which are not universal. what is ~/Library/Application Scripts/in.sinew.Enpass-Desktop.App
  10. Hi @Abhishek Dewan issue is seems to be gone now. since a few days it does not reappear. maybe also 6.8.2 fixes something
  11. I don't have icloud+ subscription only the free icloud standard model. So i don't think the private relay is active. i can click only on update in the icloud settings for this and then i get the notification to buy a subscription of icloud+
  12. Hi, thank you for quick reply. No Firewall or Antivirus Solution is active here on my mac devices. On Windows Devices or iPhone this error does not occur with the same onedrive account. after doing additional tests, this only happens after reboot on the first start of enpass. MacOS Version is 12.4 on both devices When starting Enpass after reboot the white cycle of the onedrive icon gets red. when clicking the onedrive icon i get if i click then Jetzt synchronisieren i get so enpass syncs successfully with onedrive. also the password check for compromissed passwords has issue when enpass starts the first time after a reboot. when clicking Erneut versuchen it works as expected: no VPN Service is used. after that when enpass is running changes or new entries will successfully sync to onedrive
  13. Hi, everytime i start enpass 6.8.1 (1063) on my macbook m1 pro or my imac m1 24 both on latest macos monterey patchlevel. I got sync error with onedrive caused bei network connectivity error. also the password check service, which checks for powned passwords, fails with network error. after that i sync manually and everything works. could you please check and fix that. Best Regards, MOM20xx
  14. updated all devices. i can confirm that the error is fixed now. thank you for quick fixing that
  15. Hi, can you please update your download links --> on Downloads Enpass | Enpass Download from website mac os still points to an old 6.5 release --> https://dl.enpass.io/stable/mac/package/
  16. the onedrive account did not change. if we search your forum, we'll see that this is the more or less usefull solution you have for your customers since years. debug your software and fix it. as i said i can open enpass, then the error comes. doining nothing the error goes and comes again. all the time the file is present in onedrive. take a look at the version history of the file in onedrive. even if there was no change from user side the file gets updated every time enpass is opening. as asked in a other thread please answer while the enpass folder and the db file in onedrive have onedrive shared icons even if they are not shared. and at last please think about if this is the right way to ask your customers for more and more money for a software that has more and more bugs. e.g. since october 2020 enpass mac app store version is unusable on mac os high sierra and you are not able to change the app store version to a version that works. instead of this you release 6.6 for ios and ask for more money for more more or less usefull features.
  17. strange. wait a view seconds. open an entry and copy eg. a username to clipboard. enpass will sync again without an issue. but i think it will replace the onedrive file with the local db. so when doing this on a device which has not the current db synced locally you may loose data. maybe it's a version conflict. i've 6.6.1 on iphone and 6.5.2 on macbook, also 6.5.2 on windows. it could also be that something changed in onedrive sync on onedrive site. they had a lot of new versions since october 2020.
  18. how can i upgrade to premium ontime purchase on an iphone as current pro lifetime user. i get only the offer for a subscription model to upgrade. so there is no chance to do this via in app. will there be a discount also for ontime purchase upgrades an where can i buy it?
  19. hi, why does the enpass folder and the enpass file vault.enpassdbsync have the shared icon in onedrive, even if it looks like these files and folders are not shared?
  20. same issue to. see onedrive sync issues - Mac - Enpass Forum
  21. hi, since today i have massive problems to sync enpass with onedrive. every 2nd or 3rd start from enpass i get the notification: Synchronisationsfehler Keine Daten gefunden auf OneDrive. Enpass Version from Apple Appstore 6.5.2 (726) OS: MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 (18G7016) After closing of Enpass sametimes it works again. File on OneDrive is present. Is this an Enpass or OneDrive issue? Best Regards, MOM20xx
  22. we have end of december and still no fix for this available. how should mac appstore customers downgrade? they get only the broken version from the store. is it so difficult to re-release the old 6.4.x version in mac appstore? since 2 month enpass password manager on macosx high sierra from app store is unusable.
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