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  1. I'm running Debian Bookworm. Every time I sync to Dropbox, within a few minutes I get a sync error: Something went wrong while syncing with Dropbox. Error code: 209976 I've disconnect and reconnected the sync. Deleted the Enpass folder on Dropbox, etc. I have three people syncing to the Dropbox folder. I'm using the free 2GB Dropbox account. After completing the sync, it gives me this error within a few minutes. I was having a similar problem with pCloud but it finally "stuck" and it's working, not sure what the sync error was on that though.
  2. This is still not done yet? I have hundreds of items. Finding one that does not have a Tag is a total pain! Please implement this.
  3. The UI has three panels. It would be nice to have the Category/Tags and Items panels being able to be able to expand them by about twice their current size limitation. The right panel that has the currently displayed Item being shown wastes a lot of screen real estate. There is a big gap on the left of the right pane that is just empty space. The item that is being displayed should left justify against this pane instead of displaying in the middle of the pane.
  4. We needed to edit the text on a regular basis. So putting it in a text document and attaching it is not the same. It would also be nice to have a bit more advanced editing in the text editor as well.
  5. This needs to be fixed. I picked up the Samsung Galaxy S6 with a keyboard so I can do work without having to lug around my laptop. I'm in Dex mode when using Remote Desktop and SSH sessions. Not be able to access passwords while in Dex will be a major nightmare to productivity.
  6. 20KB is too small. Should be much larger. Think if someone was writing a manuscript and wanted to keep it as a note. Please increase this to something like 20MB.
  7. Actually, even having the main search highlight where it found the search term in the item displayed would be very helpful.
  8. I have notes that are very large. It would be nice to have a search option to search inside of the note I'm looking at that highlights the searched word or phrase.
  9. I'm one of those that will pay for it as well. But i will not tie my computer to the Microsoft Store. I also cannot pay for it since I also use Linux.
  10. I was able to work around it by selecting edit and copying out portions of the Note into a notepad until I had the final complete note that I then saved into text file. I was then able to copy the text from the file and paste it into version 6. All I can say, darn good thing I had backups. BTW, version 6 does not have a right click menu in a note to even copy, select all, etc. If I need to copy a port of the document I can still select what I want and press ctrl+c. Version 6 also does not seem to have the 255 line limitation. I have to edit the note in order to using select the document using the mouse and scrolling, ctrl+c, then paste will give me the whole note. Selecting with the mouse and scrolling does not work unless you edit the document. This is with the Linux version. Not sure if the Windows version has this same behavior or not.
  11. Looks like there is an issue even selecting all, and copying that it will only copy 255 lines from a note in version 5 will go into a clipboard. Not sure about version 6 yet.
  12. During the upgrade from 5 to 6, longer notes are truncated. Seems to be about 9KB or 254 lines (One byte length?) Had to restore an old backup in version 5 to recover my long notes.
  13. I run a 4K display on a 17" laptop running Devuan Ceres with xfce4 and it took a few tweeks to get it sorted. xfce4 has a custom DPI setting of 165. Please see: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/HiDPI#GUI_toolkits My settings in my .bashrc and .xprofile export QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS=1.75 export QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=0
  14. I do not like tying my desktop to a store. I primarily run Linux, but I have VMs running windows and my wife uses Windows on three of her computers. None of these computers are tied to a store and never will since I have big issues with Microsoft pushing logins to use a Cloud account vs a local account. Please move the desktop version to use a License Key. This way I can pay for the premium features that the Linux version gets for free and pay for the Microsoft desktop version. In addition I can use the same key for my computer's, VMs, and my wife's computers.
  15. Should I subscribe to betas then? As currently this cripples working on quite a few of my notes as they are formatted for larger area?
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