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  1. First make sure its not a problem from your side. Here are something you can try:- Restart Enpass restart your computer make sure caps lock is not ON make sure keyboard is set to the language of password (if password in english, keyboard input has to be in english if you are bilingual) On your device you will find backups of Enpass vault, download enpass on your phone or other computer and try to unlock that vault using your password from there. As a protective measurement, I have opted to use 2 password managers just in case one fails me as EnPass has failed you. I am currently using Bitwarden as backup and often export from Enpass to Bitwarden to keep passwords up to date. Bitwarden is free.
  2. I want to save a copy of my vault for just in case scenario to be safe. I am wondering if the back up is encrypted and safe to be stored in a cloud storage online? I made export but export says its not encrypted. I chose backup from file menu and it showed it can be backed up to a file called .enpassfilevault or something similar. If it matters I am storing it on Filen.io . Is this encrypted or what? I know you can sync the vault from multiple cloud services, but I think it will be good feature if you can have a backup option with drop menu to a cloud storage of your choice. So if you go to backup it has a drop down menu to your accounts from different cloud services, or you can set it up to backup to a specific cloud service at a set of intervals. Currently it does so but on a single location of your choice, which is local drive for me. ----------- My other question is that the backup file does not seem to be opened by Enpass, will it only open if I chose to import it from the file menu or restore it from the backup preferences? how does this work?
  3. I opened Enpass assistant and went over to and did cmd+c on my user name and password but it does not look like its copying them. This is completely deal breaker for me as I often copy fields. I know about the cmd+shift+U shortcut, its longer and you need two hands to do it, also there are other fields I would like to copy that does not have a dedicated shortcut. The whole assistant app is clunky and needs some fixing:- 1) I didn't find the docking shortcut cmd+shift+D in the shortcuts page and had to hunt for it myself. The command cmd+D should be used for docking and command+SHIFT+D should be using for duplicates since you are a lot more likely to dock than create a duplicate item, so the easier cmd+d should be for docking and command+SHIFT+D should be for duplicates. 2)to edit an entry you click cmd+E but that only opens Enpass app where it does not even open the item you clicked the shortcut on, you have to search for the item again in the app and then you have to hit cmd+E AGAIN to start editing. The editing should be done in the assistant app 3) It makes no sense that cmd+E opens the app, cmd+E should be to edit the item and cmd+O should be to open the app (unless cmd+O is taken for something else). Funny when you use cmd+E again in the app it edits an item, this is clearly inconsistency. 4) I am facing weird effects, like if I open the Assistant and hit enter on an item, it will take me to the website but not autofill it which is not the point of this action, it supposed to go there and autofill the logins (safari default browser) 5) The Enpass app/assistant has invisible scroll bars which is not good because it does not make you understand there is extra content below. This caused me a trouble when I was choosing a field type from the drop down menu and was missing the "Text" type and I thought it was a bug or limitation. Only through accident did I learn that the drop-down menu was scrollable and I had to scroll UP with the mouse to find the TEXT type field. All scroll bars should be visible and not cause confusion for the user!
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  5. I was successful with Bitwarden using this and failed with Enpass. If there is a form with custom fields, with Bitwarden you can right click and choose "Copy Custom Field Name" then add it to the login item. Now it autofills custom forms. Bitwarden is open source so maybe you should see how they do it and add it to Enpass. Is there something similar in Enpass? I also found Bitwarden to be smarter in the autofiling department with different URLs so maybe a copy the method from their book
  6. I was in codeweavers forums in one of the threads and logged in using EnPass , it then asked if I want to add this item correlated to the complete URL!? This is annoying as the domain should be just enough?! yes I do have the match Match URL Hostname ticked as recommended by you
  7. enpass is suggesting a filling for OTP. If Enpass has OTP options I have no idea and I have no enabled it. Is this a bug?
  8. I find this annoying. I know what page I am on, I know how to create a separate login form for another website, if I want to autofill using a different site credentials then let me, no I do not want to change the current website address in my login credentials, and I do not need you task me every single time. although I am logging in at https://www.onenote.com/hrd?wdorigin=ondcauth2&wdorigin=poc it says I am trying to fill https://odc.officeapps.live.com . This is the OneNote login page. I am using my microsoft account to login. I chose Autofill only. It opens a new tab and logs me into microsoft then offers to save a new login!?! which is the same credentials I used to login in the first place (See image #2)Then it auto takes me to my Microsoft Account page (see image #3). This is not what I was trying to do, I was trying to login into OneNote. OneNote.com .
  9. Enpass is suggesting credit cards to fill my custom dns fields in my Netgear Orbi admin page
  10. 1-I think the the exclude new domains option should not be burried in the settings like when it suggest to store the password you should get a prompt saying "Don't Ask again for this site". that would be more intuitive. 2-The exclude option works but I think it excludes it from all audit including breach/compromised (whats the difference?) . Maybe have something more like "exclude from weak passwords" . The other thing is that the password strength in Enpass needs correcting. I have a 20 or so character password mixed with numbers and it still classify it as weak and average. 3- yeah the 2FA warning are categorized together with the blue notice on top but if you click "DON'T SAVE" it goes out of that folder. I meant I want a folder that categroise all logins WITH THE OPTION for 2FA say in the future I may want to turn it on. 4-The mouse hoover is not working for me either on assistance on the extension on FireFox. Firefox 98.0.1 , MacOS 11.6.5 Enpass 6.7.4 (938) . Not working in Safari 15.4 extension either. I do not know how to update Enpass I clicked Enpass -> About Enpass , there is no update button only Email us and Open Source Licenses.
  11. this is annoying since the top item is usually the first choice people want to click. the option to create a new item should be either at the bottom or have a plus sigh at the top near the Wifi icon or something, just not the first option because people want their logins to be the first options not in the middle.
  12. the only thing I notice is that the main discussion page url is:- https://discussion.enpass.io and the stored on in Enpass is: https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php am not sure which one is correct?! plus if the websites do not match shouldn't it not suggest the password in the first place since I have the "match hostname" option on in the settings? I do not think Enpass should be so finicky and delicate like this.
  13. Something weird going on where I used Enpass to login into Enpass forums but then it suggested if I wanted to save the password!? Browser Firefox , Enpass latest , plugins:- I dont care about cookies ublock origin Auto tab discard firefox containers (not used for Enpass) Strict Privacy Protection setting on firefox CookieBlock ( https://karelkubicek.github.io/post/cookieblock) none should interfere with this?!
  14. Looks like EnPass is suggesting login for any field on the protonmail website , there does not seem to be computer intelligence to figure out which field is a login item and which one is not.
  15. Enpass showing login suggestions in the "Folder Creation" section in Protonmail website.
  16. *Is there a way for Enpass to NOT suggest saving the password for this site? There is a website that I do not wish to save its password and everytime Enpass asks if I want to save this new password *Weak Passwords and 2FA warnings are nice but there must be a way to disable them . I know the password is weak, I want it to be weak, no need to inform me. I found a way for 2FA by choosing do not save 2FA but no way for taking out the weak passwords also I think there should be a folder or a way to show all logins that has 2FA option categorized in one area/folder
  17. hoovering with the mouse over the icons does not display a description of what the icon does
  18. its annoying that we have to unlock the Enpass app AND the browser plugin. The extension should not auto lock, in fact why lock it at all?!
  19. The icon has to be either at the dock OR the menu bar is annoying and taking unnecessary space , please make option to clear dock AND menu bar. I can call Enpass by using the shortcut cmd+alt+\ or launch enpass. I still prefer 1pw method of quit 1pw to close the app window and keep the assistant running or quit 1pw completely which quits everything
  20. if you unlock it it works , its a good feature the problem is that enpass insists to lock itself after a short time. Enpass developers should make better options like lock after restart, shutdown, or on quit, not after 5 min. I set mine to a max of 9999 min, I do not think it honors it but mine locks after few days which makes it more bearable
  21. 1. When Launching the assistant (cmd+shift+\) I click cmd+E to edit an entry but it only launches EnPass. 2. What is the Anchor short cut? and where can I find a list of EnPass shortcuts? 3. I do not understand the "Match URL hostname" option. For example, Enpass was unable to fill my protonmail account because the website field says "protonmail.com" meanwhile the login URL was "accounts.protonmail.com/login" . Shouldn't "protonmail.com " be enough for enpass to figure it out? 1PW only had to know the domain name. Latest Enpass version and MacOS Big Sur 11.6.4 and FF latest.
  22. While its clear that you can rearrange fields with the burger icon drag-and-drop , its not clear that you can actually delete fields. At first I thought this was not possible until I clicked on the field name and found a mini menu that makes you able to delete that specific field.
  23. I feel like the notes entry is too thin, maybe you can widen it. I do not know if you chose to make it smaller for a specific reason in your mind.
  24. 1-Yes boardgameareana.com I am signing up but why is it putting my real identity for the signup for a website? I am not going to use my real name and address for a website that is asking for: username , password, and email. Plus I do not use the same email for everything. 2-For ebay I can not reproduce that URL, its their 2FA site after you log in they show you this page to write your phone number or email to send you 2FA code. 3-For Github , while its a signup page I am getting a suggestion of identities in a field that is asking for a "y" or "n" as input as seen in the screenshot. Obviously identity is incorrect.
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