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  1. Really? A "great new update" just showed up on the app store and search is still painfully slow. Come on, guys -- fix this core painfully unoptimized issue.....please!
  2. I hope this can be done sooner rather than later --- it really is painful when one is searching for something and you have to wait 5 seconds between each search
  3. Cool. By the way, the iOS version does not have this delay. Searches are almost instantaneous.
  4. I'm running Big Sur on a 3.3 Ghz 12-Core Intel MacPro Enpass is version 6.7.3 (888) There is no crash --- simply very slow searching. Below are two animated gifs - one shows Enpass, the other shows 1Password. Both have EXACTLY the same content (I imported 1Password into Enpass) and in both, I'm doing exactly the same search. You can clearly see the difference.
  5. I don't really know much about what is needed to ensure security but if the data is being stored in a SQLite file, then presumably it is encrypted there and the index had better be encrypted as well so searching that directly would require decrypting everything on the fly. That doesn't sound like it would be very efficient. Anyhow, I'm not going to speculate on their implementation - simply noting that search is painfully slow and needs serious optimization. Everything else seems to work very well so I'm not unhappy I made the investment.
  6. I am switching from 1Password to Enpass on all my devices (because you can buy it without subscription and you can save vault to your own server - both great features) I was able to import my 1Password vault (completely, AFAIK) so that's also impressive. However, searching for an item is absurdly slow, taking several seconds to search about 900 items. Such a search should be pretty much instantaneous these days. Anyone know why it's so slow and/or whether it can be improved?
  7. Actually, I'm realizing there's a more fundamental problem --- those options are for **restoring** a previously defined vault that is located on NextCloud (or somewhere). But how does one create the vault on NextCloud in the first place?
  8. Thank you - I'm familiar in general with the use of WebDAV but I think the point is being missed. You **specifically** include NextCloud as an option which suggests either (a) you're using a different protocol or (b) you're converting the user info to a WebDAV URL under the covers so the user doesn't have to worry about it. In particular note that your options are completely different for WebDAV than they are for Nextcloud, again suggesting that your system **knows** about NextCloud hence it's only necessary to provide the base URL for the latter. Are you therefore saying that even though there is a choice to select NextCloud, I'm supposed to choose WebDAV instead?
  9. Despite the fact that both my regular nextcloud client on my desktop and my browser connection have no problem connecting to my nextcloud server, when I specify the standard URL for my server in Enpass (which I'm hoping can replace 1Password for my entire family), I get the message, "Could not connect to specified Nextcloud server. Please check your URL I recognize that one can use WebDAV but since Nextcloud was an explicit choice in the list of servers, I assumed I didn't actually have to use the WebDAV URL What's the scoop?
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