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  1. I reported this issue just over a year ago
  2. As you can see, using the Nextcloud option still does not work --looks like you're not adding the WebDAV stuff under the covers!
  3. I'm still using iCloud but I'm frankly afraid because of the problem where enpass on one machine blindly overwrites the entire vault on iCloud. I'd like to go back to NextCloud but as mentioned earlier, it is not reliable.
  4. Regarding (1) above, I'm quite confused --- I've never used either Dropbox nor Wifi Sync (I don't even know what the latter is) so I'm not quite sure what you're suggesting. The two problems I have run into with NextCloud were 1. This doesn't work.... you have to use this 2. Every few weeks (it seems), Enpass would fail to connect and keep asking me to reauthenticate -- and it would not accept the password. The only solution was to delete the Enpass folder in NextCloud and start all over again Hence --- I tried switching to iCloud and then I ran into the other problem where syncing from one Enpass would completely overwrite every entry and so if you had added a new item to some other Enpass app on another computer, that item got lost. That's really serious -- I've lost critical information because of this problem (e.g, notes that I store get lost) It sounds like neither of these issues is addressed.
  5. I'm trying to determine whether the new update for Enpass on Mac actually fixes (any or all of) the problems I (and others) have reported over the last year but the descriptions are so generic, it's very hard to figure out. So Fixed an issue where Enpass could sync continuously, waiting for reauthentication. Sync continuously with what? Some vault? Does this address the problem where after some time, Enpass keeps asking for the password again to sync with NextCloud? Password History duplication (due to incorrect timestamp during sync) has been resolved. Does this solve the problem where syncing from one computer completely overwrites syncing from another computer? On iCloud only or on any vault? Have you addressed the issue where it's not possible to set up a connection directly via the NextCloud option and it can only be done using your WebDAV option? Thanks
  6. Yeah, I've already started evaluating alternatives --- such things as server access, proper syncing of entries (without overwriting other stuff on the server) are fundamental pieces of functionality that should be the highest priority to address.
  7. Does this new beta address the problem with iCloud syncing and overwriting with older values?
  8. Ha…you’re late to the party….when I got it some time ago, it would take 5-10 seconds to search….1.5 seconds is an improvement. But yeah, it should be instantaneous and I don’t know what they’re doing so that it isn’t.
  9. I think the equipment list is irrelevant. Just setup enpass on a Mac and on an iPad, sync with iCloud, and you will be able to reproduce the problem. It may very well be that the problem can be reproduced using two Macs as well, I haven’t tried that. in any case, the symptoms suggests strongly that the date of the entry is not being used to determine which “side” is newer. That said, I wish you’d fix the problem with Nextcloud so Enpass doesn’t arbitrarily decide that the password is wrong and refuses to connect any more.
  10. So, I have completely given up using my Nextcloud server for Enpass (Enpass is just not reliable in that environment)....sad because the ability to use my private server was the reason I switched in the first place. However, given the amount of time I have now invested in Enpass, before giving up on Enpass completely I thought I'd try using iCloud as the server and immediately ran into a new problem. Scenario: I have multiple devices but with just my Mac and an iPhone, here's the problem I ran into. Step 1. I switched my Mac to use iCloud instead of NextCloud and synced. Step 2. I then modified the passwords for one of the entries in Enpass (Plex had a data breach the other day so I was changing passwords) Step 2a) I don't remember if I explicitly resynced or just shut off my system but regardless, that shouldn't matter! Step 3. A few hours later, I opened my iPhone, opened Enpass and switched the vault from NextCloud to iCloud and synced Step 4. The next day, I opened my Mac again, opened Enpass and discovered that the password for my Plex had reverted to the old password that was still on my iPhone. Step 5. Sure enough, checking my iPhone, the old password was still stored. It seems that when you connect your vault to a new source, the sync process isn't taking into account the **timestamp** of entries already in the vault and Enpass is just blindly overwriting with whatever is on the device being synced. It **should** be detecting when a value in the vault is newer than what is on the device and sync that value back to the device. This is scary because passwords can now easily be lost. Very disappointing and surprising behavior for a critical tool.
  11. Issue resolved - my mistake
  12. OK -- I finally solved this by (a) disconnected Enpass from my NextCloud account (b) deleting the entire Enpass folder on my NextCloud server and (c) recreate the connection from Enpass to my NextCloud server (NB using WebDAV as the NextCloud option on Enpass still doesn't work) This fixed the problem and all my other devices are now syncing again. So something happened inside that Enpass folder (which nothing touches except the Enpass clients) that corrupted it and prevented Enpass from syncing again.
  13. OK - any other ideas as to why a perfectly correct URL, userid and password has stopped working when it used to work fine?
  14. Could this somehow be a permissions issue masquerading as a wrong password error? Edit: No it is not --- I changed the entire data directory to 777 recursively and it still fails
  15. Can't give you a demo account - the server is inside my LAN and only intended for use inside - it's not open to the outside world. This problem is intermittent --- sometimes it can sync on my Mac and at other times I just get a sync error with a request for the password. And what's interesting is that when I enter the password again, it fails instantly as if it didn't even TRY to connect to the server. I would add that the password for that server, albeit a nice randomly generated password, hasn't changed in 7 years since it's not accessible to the outside world.
  16. I thought I had fixed this by updating to latest Nextcloud but my iPad is still complaining about the password being wrong.
  17. I ran into exactly the same problem (no VPN though, my machine is on the same LAN with the server) --- having updated to the version (where search speed is at least respectable), no version of Enpass will log into my nextcloud server, despite the fact that the URL, username and password are identical and other applications using the same credentials have no problem. I then updated NextCloud to the latest version (I was several versions behind) and now it seems to work again , at least on my desktop -- I have not retested my iOS versions yet.
  18. First of all it looks like they're not doing incremental searching - they seem to be waiting until you stop typing before they do anything Secondly, it's crashing Thread 18 Crashed:: Thread (pooled) 0 Enpass 0x10ecd2691 0x10ebc8000 + 1091217 1 Enpass 0x10eceaed2 0x10ebc8000 + 1191634 2 Enpass 0x10eea0d00 0x10ebc8000 + 2985216 3 Enpass 0x10ee93f25 0x10ebc8000 + 2932517 4 Enpass 0x10ee6a16d 0x10ebc8000 + 2761069 5 Enpass 0x10ee89636 0x10ebc8000 + 2889270 6 Enpass 0x10f0e05de 0x10ebc8000 + 5342686 7 Enpass 0x10f18d191 0x10ebc8000 + 6050193 8 Enpass 0x11051dd3d 0x10ebc8000 + 26565949 9 Enpass 0x11051a2ff 0x10ebc8000 + 26551039 10 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x7ff804cfc4f4 _pthread_start + 125 11 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x7ff804cf800f thread_start + 15
  19. Finally --- new update improves the search speed tremendously -- it's still much slower than 1Password (which is pretty much instant) but it's quite a bit more usable.
  20. Time to find a new password manager
  21. Please don’t work on this issue…the workaround is trivial, just use WebDAV and the fix is (presumably) just to add the the rest of the URL automatically just like you tell people to do if they try to connect to NextCloud via WebDAV. Fix the damn painfully slow search problem!!!
  22. Abhishek -- I reported this through your support system many months ago and clearly you forgot that you responded to that report at the time (see second image) Somehow, there seems to be a huge disconnect between what is said/reported in this forum vs. what actually gets done to address reported problems. Are there actually any developers still working on this product? I too am using the WebDAV workaround (at least that works) I am much more concerned about the absurdly slow search, which has also been reported many times in the past and is still not fied.
  23. Really? I reported this issue as well, 6 months ago --- I ran into this NextCloud issue before running into the slow search problem. How can the development team still not know about it? Are they that isolated or disconnected from the company?
  24. It's been almost 6 months since I bought Enpass --- how can it be that you guys (Enpass) still haven't fixed the painfully slow search when running Enpass on a Mac, which presumably has been broken for even more than that 6 months?
  25. Independent of whether a particular post was rude, it is still the case that search is still absolutely terrible --- why is this taking so long to fix?
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