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  1. I understand that it might be a difficult issue and when i reported it about 6 months ago i didn't expect an immediate solution. But after about 6 months there is still not a planning when the solution will become available? I really like your product and i have installed it at a lot at not so tech savy people (because the program is/was so easy to use), but they / i need a solution. Many of them are old and adding a exclusion and working around it is okee-ish for more tech savy people but for them it is quite difficult. So in short my question is when can we expect a solution? Looking at the number of topics / posts it seems to be a problem that happens quite a lot. So thumbs up for the program, thanks in advance and good luck finding/working on a solution!
  2. This issue (sounds the same) has been known here for months. As far as i know there is no solution yet. I also experience this problem and reported it here.
  3. Thanks for you answer. But as i posted before, i have to completely disable the Enpass Extension for the website to act normal. Anything else doesn't work.
  4. I am a very happy user of Enpass and always recommend it to everyone looking for a password manager, so thumbs up! But i am having a problem, i think since the latest Enpass update but i am not sure about that. I have been using the Enpass extension with this same website for more than a year so it did work before. On the website crm.realworks.nl the popups are being blocked / interfered with. (Dutch CRM website for realtors) What happens is, when i press the arrow which should show a dropdown box with a couple of options the dropdown allow appears for 0.5 sec and is empty. When i turn the Enpass extension off the problem is gone. Other browser doesn't solve the problem, the only thing that helps is turning the Enpass Extension off. I have added two pictures, on the first one you have to look close but you can see the outlining of the dropdown box. If needed i could translate the words shown on the pictures but i don't think that is really relevant.
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