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  1. I would, but it's been almost 2 months since the first message in this thread, and almost 2 weeks since your last response, and yet the red banner is there. If you're unwilling to fix such a simple issue (really, just a toggle in settings), what would happen with more serious ones? As an once happy customer who purchased your app, I'm honestly disappointed in how all of this is being managed. I've decided to move over to another Open Source password manager, it's been nice while it lasted, but no more Enpass for me.
  2. I did the same in the past 4 years, made several friends and colleagues switch to Enpass, the killer feature that draw me towards Enpass was being able to choose which cloud provider to use to sync my data. I'm getting disappointed too, didn't really like the redesign of Enpass 6 back then, and now this sudden change of plans.
  3. I'll cross-post my message from here: a toggle is necessary, I can't stand this giant red rectangle every time i open up Enpass. After having been a paid user for almost 4 years, I'm seriously considering to switch to a competitor product if this issue will not get addressed soon.
  4. Hi, any ETA on this? I was able to turn it off on Enpass Desktop, but on the Android version ( there's still this giant red rectangle I can't get rid of, every single time I open Enpass. It's very annoying. Would really appreciate a toggle in settings to turn it off.
  5. Can you provide at least the pkg for 6.0.6? I need to reinstall enpass 6 but I'm stuck with 6.0.7.
  6. Got the 5.5.4 (87) update a few moments ago, looks like the issue is now gone, Chrome is working again even with the "Verify browsers" option enabled.
  7. Same here, to make it work again I had to go into "Preferences -> Browser" on Enpass, and uncheck "Verify browsers". Apparently this only happens on Chrome (tried to reinstall it on stable, beta and canary, but no luck), I got no issues on Safari or Firefox.
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