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  1. Hi, I searched the forums, but only found requests for different specific browsers such as Vivaldi, Brave etc. As it is, full-featured Autofill support on Android is available for Chrome, Firefox Focus, Edge, and Opera. Other browsers work, but Enpass can't detect the current page, so one has to manually search for the relevant credential. As it is, the lack of Enpass support is what's stopping me from switching from Chrome to a Chromium-based app that supports ad-blocking. Would it be possible to implement more universal support for Android browsers, considering most are based on Ch
  2. Hi, the new UI may look more modern, compared to v5, but it's definitely less usable. Why not add some icons. Icons provide visual guidance that pure text simply cannot provide. Here is an example: Microsoft does this in their modern UI apps, e.g. in Windows Mail: Cheers, Jan
  3. I'm not sure if I'm the only one experiencing these issues, but EnPass 6 (store version) is a huge step backwards for me: Extemely slow search (with ~ 500 credential entries) Randomly freezes Often won't start - have to kill the process and try again multiple times after rebooting Can you please tell us if you're aware of these problems and working to solve them? Thanks Jan
  4. I have this problem, too. Search in Enpass 5 wasn't exactly fast but now it's just painfully slow. I think the whole new Desktop app is not going in the right direction (feels clumsy and slow all around), but search really is a problem. I love the concept of EnPass. I bought Premium for the Windows app the day it was released to support you guys (and I bought the iOS and Android apps before), but I will definitely have to start looking for a replacement if this doesn't get fixed. I love the fact that I can use a provider of my choosing to store my data. But this is all useless without a g
  5. I also sent a tweet to Enpass about this (didn't think of the forum): https://twitter.com/sphr2k/status/1079769223579209728 The problem is related to text rendering/anti-aliasing. Just compare text rendering for Enpass and the Windows Settings app: Enpass 6 seems to be based on Electron or a similar web app wrapper and I guess the default settings for text rendering are not really the best. This is not a problem per se: MS Visual Studio Code is based on Electron and their font rendering is perfectly fine. I guess it should be possible to fix this. Edit: this has nothing to
  6. Hi, great to see attachment support finally arriving in Enpass. I noticed that, while attaching a photo uses the default intent, attaching a file leads to a custom UI where I can only access local storage. It would be great if you could use the standard Android file picker instead (not sure what its official name is) where we can access local files as well as files from cloud storage providers such as Dropbox or Google Drive (s. attached screenshot) Cheers, Jan
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