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  1. This is the same issue as this one here: I posted a workaround here:
  2. Any updates on this? I ran into this today as well while updating a large number of passwords on various sites. The workaround I have been using is this: Open an existing item (or create a new one). Press the Generate button to open the dialog. Change the parameters to my liking, generate a new password using them (this is not the password that is going to get used) Press the "Fill" button (this will generate a new password and will set it as the password in the Edit dialog) From the Edit dialog, press the Copy button next to the password field. Use this password when entering in the browser (for example). While doing this, I also noticed that pressing the "Copy" button in the Generate dialog is copying the first password and will then generate a new one... Would love to see this fixed.
  3. Sure - let me know if you have any additional questions.
  4. A minor annoyance with Enpass v5.5.6 on macOS 10.12.5: Quit Enpass if it is running. Start Enpass through Spotlight, or from Finder The Enpass window shows, but the application is not in focus, which means that I can't type my password. I have to click into the Enpass window to activate the application so I can type my password. The expected behavior would be that when I start Enpass, that the application was active and I could immediately type my master password. Having to use the mouse to activate the application is annoying, since I have to move my hands off the keyboard (when starting Enpass through Spotlight, which I use all the time). As a further point of information (not sure whether it makes a difference: Browser integration is enabled in Enpass. Can you please take a stab at fixing this annoyance? I've tested this on several MacBooks, and the behavior is the same. Thanks so much for your great work so far - really love Enpass after switching from KeePassX a couple of weeks ago.
  5. I've run into the following issue with Enpass v5.5.6 on macOS 10.12.5: Dropbox sync is enabled and is working fine. I leave the office, where I was connected to the Wifi network. I close my MacBook and get on the train. On the train, I work on the MacBook, but not connected to a Wifi network. Before I exit the train, I close the MacBook again. At home, I open the MacBook and it connects to my home Wifi network. When I now make a change in Enpass, the Synchronize icon starts spinning and sync never finishes The only fix for this is to quite Enpass and start it again. Can you please verify whether this is a known issue, or a new bug?
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