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  1. In older versions of Enpass on Mac, I could do this: Click on menu bar icon Navigate with arrow keys to desired item Type cursor right to view more details on the item Cursor down to the password row Hit 'Enter' to copy it to the clipboard In Enpass 6.0.0, steps 4 and 5 no longer work. Is there any way to accomplish this on Enpass 6? And if not, can you please add a keyboard-only way of doing so soon? I am starting to regret this update
  2. I updated to Enpass 6.0.0. In the desktop app, in Settings->Browser, it says "You can manage the shortcut from the settings of the Enpass extension in your browser." However, when I view the settings in the Safari browser extension, I can't find any setting for keyboard shortcut.
  3. it's even more jarring when i'm using the keyboard shortcut while focus is in a password field. the popup shows up by the field, but when i choose an entry, it opens a new tab instead of filling in with the entry i selected.
  4. hi @Akash Vyas, on windows 10, i'm using Enpass 5.6.2. here are the results with my browsers: Chrome (with extension v 5.5.0): works! Microsoft Edge (with extension v. 5.5.1): works! Firefox 56 (with legacy extension v 5.4.3): works! Firefox 56 (with prerelease extension v5.5.0.2): doesn't work ("Enpass Connection Error") Firefox 57 beta (with prerelease extension v5.5.0.2): doesn't work ("Enpass Connection Error") as for security software, i'm running Windows Defender. thank you!
  5. alas, the new extension is not working for me on windows 10 home, firefox developer edition 57.0b6 (64-bit). i've got the enpass desktop app running, "enable browser extensions" turned on, "verify browsers" turned off (tried both on and off). restarted both firefox and enpass app, but i still get "Enpass Connection Error" when i click on the enpass toolbar button
  6. i see, that makes sense. but i still think there are way too many clicks required to get to the password. on the other hand, i have discovered (on the mac) that i can use the keyboard to navigate the UI-- hitting ENTER when the password is focused copies it to the clipboard. this is easier and quicker for me.
  7. +1 please. or at least make the touch ID button a lot bigger, or let me navigate to it with the keyboard. clicking on the small menu bar icon, then navigation to the small touch ID icon, is way more friction than necessary. thank you
  8. i agree: right now it feels like it takes too many (somewhat accurate) clicks to copy a password.
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