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  1. 25 minutes ago, frank17 said:

    Well, how easy you find it depends on your skills: You can take the official bitwarden appliance  as docker-Container, this shouldn't be too hard, but consumes a lot of resources, so I am not shure if this runs on a NAS at home smoothly. However there are other solutions like rubywarden. 
    Enpass with its easy WebDAV Sync to my self hosted Nextcloud surely is unbeatable.

    Running a Docker container is no issue for me.  I'll take a look.

    27 minutes ago, frank17 said:

    As long as the enpass people are unwilling to let us pay for a "Non Google Play" full version, enpass is out of the race for me

    I'm just exploring life without Google.  There's a few other hurdles for me yet.  Namely, I've not found a good replacements for Google Maps.


    26 minutes ago, frank17 said:

    Would be nice to hear an official statement regarding to this, so we can decide if it is worth a little wait -- or to move on.

    This is the one big complaint I have against Sinew is that they are horribly slow to respond to customers.

  2. 13 hours ago, frank17 said:

    I switched to https://www.bitwarden.com, which is  OpenSource, selfhostable (difficult) and okayish and free, but enpass fits my needs much better - I would happily pay a yearly fee for having a functional enpass to use without GPlay.

    Non-easy self-hosting makes this option pointless.  If I wanted a hosted option I'd just use LastPass.

  3. You guys are really giving me a dilemma.  I have just upgraded to v6 across the board and I love it.  Looks great, even on my hidpi laptop and the ui is a breeze to use.  Great work.

    However, I'm trying to remove Google services from my life.  I have installed Lineage on my tablet and am using F-Droid for apps.  I saw a previous thread on this forum where you said you did not plan to support anything other than the Play Store. This leaves me with the choice of staying tied to Google or giving up on Enpass.  Not a choice I like.

    Is there no possibility of you being able to offer an APK download, limited by account on enpass.io?  If you can't audit the Play store purchase records then I would be happy to pay again, directly to Sinew.

  4. I had the same issue but I think I have an idea what the problem is.  It says you need to reconfigure but some remnant of the old config remains.  I got the error but then selected cancel.  It then displayed an error saying that two accounts can not sync to the same location.  After that, it appears to be synced up.  I think that the settings screen thinks no sync is configured but something, somewhere else in the system thinks it is.

  5. So my Enpass on Android updated to the new Enpass 6.

    The new application did have access to my existing vault, well at least in that it accepted my master password to unlock the "primary vault".  However, there was no logins (or any other items) displayed and the sync settings had been lost.  I reconnected it to my NextCloud server and it claimed that the sync was complete. 

    However, there are still no items visible.  Your update to my device has broken the application completely making it completely useless.

  6. re:

    I've tried setting the QT env vars mentioned in the thread above but they appear to have no effect.

    The left category bar looks ok, although the counters are clipped inside their ovals. 

    The list of logins looks awful.  The title and sub-title are too large and both overflow each other in the middle, either because the font size is too large or because the line height is too small.  The icon on is appropriately sized for the line height.

    The right hand detail panel looks pretty good. Only minor detail is the button icons and check box image is too small.

    I'm running Enpass 5.6.5 in Ubuntu 16.04 on a Dell XPS 13.  I obviously can't provide screen shots without giving away confidential info, although I can try to mock something up if it would help.


  7. On 12/15/2017 at 5:59 AM, Akash Vyas said:

    Enpass autofill works only with that browser which provides accessibility events. This technical limitation is preventing us from auto-filling in other browsers (Firefox, in your case ) and that's why you've to search and fill the details. You can also opt to manually fill the logins in Firefox with Enpass Keyboard.


    Akash, could you please file a bug report on Bugzilla?  Seems to be a huge oversight on Mozilla's part.

  8. One of my logins has three fields, username, domain and password.  Username and password are straight textbox fields and fill correctly.  The domain field is an html select:

    <select name="domain">
    	<option value="none">Please Choose</option>
    	<option value="opt1">Human Readale Option 1</option>
    	<option value="opt2">Human Readale Option 2</option>
    	<option value="opt3">Human Readale Option 3</option>

    When the login was saved, it correctly stored the value of the domain field as the "value".  Ie "opt1" was stored when "Human Readable Option 1" was selected in the dropdown.


     However when subsequently filling the form, the dropdown item is not selected properly based on the stored "value".  It stays at the default value of "none".

  9. I have logins with multiple urls.  When I click the Enpass extension button, click the "I" button on the login item and then click on the url it opens a new tab but with the url of the an arbitrary url field on the item, not the url I clicked on.

    In the screenshots below, no matter which url I click on, it loads a new tab with the first url.  On another item I see this issue on, it's the last url it loads every time.


    16-07-18-16-27-06 - Create New Topic - Enpass Forum - Google Chrome.png

    16-07-18-16-27-21 - Create New Topic - Enpass Forum - Google Chrome.png

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