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  1. Okay...I figured it out after putting on my big boy glasses made for careful reading. The beta version syncs to a different file name: vault_enpassdbsync Previous versions sync to: sync_default.walletx I did find the mentions that the beta version will not sync with previous versions. Frankly I forgot I was on the beta program. Uninstalled the beta version from the two Android devices, left the beta program, downloaded and installed the 5.6.9 version and voila! All working seamlessly again. Sorry about my inability to read carefully the first time. Guess I am not cut out for the rough and tumble beta world....I need everything to work together at the same time.
  2. I too am experiencing no sync between Android devices and Windows devices: Android Phone Samsung Galaxy 9 v8.0.0 Enpass Android Tablet Lenovo v7.1.1 Enpass Windows Laptop Lenovo Win 7 Enpass 5.6.10 Windows Desktop Dell Win 10 Enpass 5.6.10 Everything is set to Auto Time and Date. I can't see how to force and update on the Android devices like I can on the Windows products. The two Windows devices appear to be syncing between themselves. Updates to one are reflected on the other. Noting changed in a Windows device is reflected on either Android device nor are changes made on an Android device seen on Windows devices. Changes made on one Android device is not reflected on the other Android either. I sync using Dropbox v63.4.107 (I think that is the version) This is very frustrating. I believe the problem started when the phone and tablet updated Enpass versions.. It had been seamless between all devices previously.
  3. I am happy to report that my sync problems seem to have been solved with the Beta release. I thank Enpass for their resolution. Nice to see a developer trying to be responsive, but more importantly, successful! Kudos to you!
  4. Well, looks like the Beta has fixed the problem for me!!! Woo Hoo!!! Made a change on the laptop (Win7), Dropbox updated, Android Phone did not catch updated sync, but a manual sync did get the updated file. I may not have waited long enough? Desktop app (Win10) did get the updated information automatically, but Tools > Sync indicated Error 118 even though the data was updated as far as I could tell. Android tablet did update by itself. I made another change to the file on my Win 19 Desktop. Dropbox updated, Android Phone updated, Android tablet updated and the Win7 laptop updated, all automatically. I will try making other changes in different orders to see how it performs, but at this time I am cautiously optimistic. Thanks you Anshu kumar and the Enpass team. I left feedback on the Beta site.
  5. Downloaded and installed, thanks. Not sure how this will help the issues with the desktop app, but I will give it a shot. thanks for being gentle with me....
  6. Perhaps my age is showing, but I can't figure out how to sign up as a beta tester for Enpass. The link seems to be asking me to sign up as a beta tester for Google Play Services. I just don't have time for this. Can you point me in the right direction and use big letters and arrows made with neon lights and colors please?
  7. Thanks for the clarification sarimon. This is now even more troublesome as it appears to be an issue present for a very long time, but with no solution. Not sure if it is a single issue with all aspects connected or if it is possibly multiple issues, each independent of each other. Still very frustrating......And we wait......
  8. Thanks for the response Akash Vyas. Just experienced issues with the desktop application....Made a change in my database (added a new password to store) on my Win10 Desktop application and confirmed again the above described behavior still present in the Android app. I received a notification from Dropbox that the database had changed, which confirmed for me the password I added did get added to my wallet file as it should have. However, I then logged on to Enpass from my work laptop (Win7 Pro) and just before I did get the notification that my wallet file changed in Dropbox. Excellent I thought. No, as when Enpass opened it did not include the new password file. In Tools --> Settings --> Sync I see "There went something wrong while synchronizing - ERROR 119". I performed the same steps described above and as I experienced with the Android app the file finally updated when I reconnected. This is really getting frustrating and quite annoying. I am beginning to wonder if I will really know which files are updated and which aren't causing me to lose updates from one device to another. I need this program/application to function properly and reliably.
  9. Same behavior noted on my Lenovo tablet, Android 7.0
  10. No response or resolution to the OP? Similar issue. Android is not updating after changes made using desktop app v.5.6.0 (Windows10) Android v 7.0, Samsung Galaxy S7 Dropbox is sync of choice. Path= dropbox--> APPS --> enpass --> sync_default_walletx No error message displayed. Sync seems to work without delay, but changes not updated in phone. Last update shows up as different than last attempt. Disconnected from dropbox in app, closed it, counted to 10 and reconnected and update seemed to work. Last attempt date and last update date now match. Now will not sync again after making changes on desktop app.
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