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  1. hi, can i have news about this issue? Thanx in advance
  2. Hi, i'm experiencing an issue with autofill in opera touch. Enpass sees when it has to enter a login and a password, but it can't find on which website i am. If i want enpass to autofill, i have to manually search the website. can you do something? thanks
  3. misteurz


    Hi, I've just seen that desktop app has been updated. what's new in 5.6.10?
  4. 12 hours with 5.6.9 and the problem seems solved! thank you!!
  5. I'm thinking to switch to the website version too. Does the website version auto-update? or do we have to check on enpass.io so see if there is a new version?
  6. PLease... Let us know when this problem will be solved...
  7. Hi, it's really a problem you know? It happens so many times a day... that i'm thinking to leave enpass... Please, when will you fix that?
  8. misteurz

    Database is empty

    Hi, one or two times a day, when i put my finger on the Touch id sensor, database is empty. sometimes it is when i try lo log in on the chrome plugin, sometimes when i login on the desktop enpass app. I have to close and relaunch the desktop app to recover the database. I have tried to delete everything and install everything again on my mac : enpass desktop, enpass plugin on chrome, enpass folder with saved data... What do you think?
  9. Hi, Since desktop 5.6.2, desktop client sometimes crashes. When i click "little enpass icon" on chrome, the app sometime closes itself, and i have to relaunch it and type my master password. 5.6.3 does'nt resolve this problem. And 5.6.3 has another problem for me : sometime, when i want to fill nickname and password on a website, enpass is empty : no password at all, nothing in it. The only thing to do is close the app and launch it again... All this is very annoying. What do you think?
  10. Hi, i would like to know what are the differences between Appstore version and web site version please? I don't care about icloud, so that feature is not important for me. I've notice that my actual appstore version is 5.6.2(118), and when i download the web site version, the file is named Enpass-5.6.0.dmg. Thanks in advance for your answers
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