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  1. And support wrote me in February: " Me: “Enpass can no longer handle directories that contain a space.” Support: This issue has been fixed and the update will be available in the next update. I will like to have your feedback after the update. Thanks for your co-operation." They have never tested it
  2. Hi, First after one week without reaction, the support asked me to create access data for my WEBDav for them. After that I did it and asked 3 times what is with it - no reaction. This is no support after all :flop:
  3. I'm sorry but I 'm not sure what do you mean with "improved"? If it means it won't work after that, then you've done it very well. I'm really pissed off (Err 908404). Of course mistakes can always happen - only if they are there and you don't get an answer from support and you can't reset the not working app to an old version, it's just bad.
  4. Hi, Since the update to 6.03 the ownCloud connection no longer works. This is the case if a blank exists in the directory name. A super update Please UPDATE
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